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Songs - die Originale zum Reinhören

AC/DC: Up to my neck

AC/DC: Whole lotta Rosie

AC/DC: Shot down in flames

J. Forgety + Foo Fighters: Fortunate son

ZZTop: Tush

ZZTop: La Grange

ZZTop: Sharp dressed man

Status Quo: Caroline

Status Quo: Rockin' all over the world

Judas Priest: You´ve got another thing coming

Judas Priest: Breaking the law

Deep Purple: Black Night

Deep Purple: Smoke on the water

Jonny be good

Leaving on a jetplane

Foo Fighters: Everlong

Foo Fighters: Times like these

Ten Years After: Love like a man

Golden Earring: Buddy Joe

Black Sabbath: Paranoid

Green Day: Basket Case

Green Day: American Idiot

Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bob bzw. oder ;-)

Beatles: Come together

Dandy Warhols: Bohemian like you

Free: All Right now

Knockin´ on heavens door

Steppenwolf: Born to be wild